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Rosinbud M1


The new innovative Rosinbud M1 allows consumers to have total freedom with what they want to do with their herbs. Whether it's extracting essential oil or making instant Rosinbud infusions, Rosinbud M1 was designed to empower consumers, so that they are the ones in control. The possibilities are truly endless. Everyone should be able to enjoy nature's bounty without the harmful effects of industrial solvents. The Rosinbud M1 enables the consumer to extract their own essential oil and make infusions, instantly. The Rosinbud M1 is reliable, safe, and capable of meeting all the demands of the discerning consumer. A great new addition to your kitchen collection. It has the ability to make everything taste magical in just 5 minutes, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

How To Use Your Rosinbud M1;

Fold a sheet of parchment paper in half, and place the herb in between the sheet, near the crease. Please be sure to use freshly-cured or otherwise high quality herb, and you will be rewarded with a high yield (>20%).

Turn on the Rosinbud M1 by pressing the power button on the controller (but first make sure that the controller is connected to a power source). The top and bottom platens will automatically heat to 95°C (122°F), which takes around 30 seconds.

Carefully place the parchment sheet in between the two platens of the Rosinbud M1 once the desired temperature is reached, and subsequently close the top lever arm such that the herb is compressed between the two platens. Now wait 90 seconds as the heat and pressure begin to work their magic.

Press down on the tail end of the lever arm with as much force as possible for 5 to 10 seconds. Or alternatively tighten the screw-based locking mechanism and wait 5 to 10 seconds before unlocking.

Congratulations, you've just extracted fresh essential oil! Open up the parchment paper and collect the essential oil off the sheet by gently dotting the essential oil with a dabber or toothpick. At this point, the essential oil can now be used in an aromatic vaporizer or be processed further into Rosinbud infusions.

Place the essential oil into the Rosinbud Mini Pan, and then place the Mini Pan on top of the bottom platen of the Rosinbud M1. Start the infusion process by pressing the "D" button on the controller; the bottom platen will now be automatically heated to 145°C (302°F). You will start to notice a bubbling effect coming from the essential oil, indicating that the infusion process is underway, the bubbling will stop once the infusion is complete. Turn off the Rosinbud M1 once this occurs (generally it takes about 3 minutes).

Add a teaspoon of oil/fat/alcohol into the Rosinbud Mini Pan with the essential oil. Stir evenly and serve on top of your favourite food. Quick and simple.