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Mini Steamroller

GRAV clear mini steamroller

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    The Mini Steamroller is designed specifically for its ability to produce large clouds of smoke. The steamroller will use less weed and get you to toke harder. They are ideal for intermediate smokers since they offer a more harsher hit than most pipes. 

    What differentiates the steamroller from other pipes used to smoke cannabis is the position of its carb - the hole that regulates air flow inside the pipe. A steamroller's carb is at the very end of the pipe which allows a consistent free flow of air. Because of its design, it's also super easy to clean! 

    The Mini Steamroller is only 5" in length, making it easy to bring around. It even has little stabilizing glass feet so it doesn't roll off the table when you put it down! 

    To top it off, this steamroller has an inverted ash catching mouthpiece. An ash catcher is a structure that removes ash from the smoke stream before it reaches the mouthpiece. Some ash catchers are built into a piece and some come as separate accessories. 

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